First Determine Purpose Of Desired Funds

Do you need housing-related assistance to prevent foreclosure or pay exorbitant rent? Have grocery bills to feed a big family grown far beyond reach? Have utility costs to heat and cool your home gotten too high to meet? Do you want to learn more about government grants 2014 to offset high costs of higher learning for returning students or misplaced workers? Do you desperately desire interest-free gift money to get rid of excessive debt? Whatever your need, identify it with specificity and figure out how much money is required.


Limit Long Lists Of Liquid Capitalists

Although the above advice may seem unwise at first blush, it is very much in your best interests to get down to business fast by narrowing down the vast number of grants to most feasible options. Virtually all government grants 2014 have various strings attached with strict eligibility criteria. Go to govbenefits.gov and click the “Start Benefit Finder” button to complete a prequalifying questionnaire. This gives you a great guide to find out where to start searching.


Intensify Efforts To Identify Bureaucratic Benefactors

If you fail to find grants that seem like a good fit for your particular situation and personal qualifications, do not despair. Go straight to official sources of government funds at the virtual domain of specific agencies that often post advance grant notices. Visit grants.gov to view a comprehensive listing of currently available government grants 2014. Several tabs appear just above the full display so that visitors may sort by category, eligible entity type, newest entries and agency grantor.

Never forget that state and local governments are great potential sources of grants. For emergency medical, food, housing, utility and clothing assistance, contact your local Community Action Agency or county welfare office. For career-related economic relief, call the nearest state Employment Security Commission to apply for unemployment benefits and free money to get new or additional job skills training. This writer received a $2,000 government grant to cover tuition costs of commercial truck driving course at a nearby junior college shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Act Promptly To Complete Paperwork Properly

Once you do locate suitable grants and obtain required forms, do not hesitate to take appropriate steps to apply for funds, as strict deadlines apply. Before filling out grant applications gather and review all relevant documentation and write down every reason that makes you the most worthy recipient.

Set yourself apart from the rest by pleading your case with substantiated facts and substantial evidence. Conduct at least brief cursory research to cite figures and statistics to bolster your case, preferably those published by the same agency (ies) that provide the funds. Describe your particular circumstances or proposed project in detail to highlight positive aspects

For instance, explain how eliminating excessive debt will allow you to purchase your first home or start retirement and college education savings plans. Likewise, it is wise to discuss how youngsters who get adequate nutrition do much better in school and grow up to be adult citizens who pay taxes and make positive contributions to society rather than welfare recipients or prison inmates.

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