Eco And Green Grants

Fossil reserves are not endless, and cause considerable damage to the planet. Using renewable energy (Eco and Green) helps to mitigate the damage of fossil fuel to the planet by decreasing energy expenditure. Eco and Green energies are renewable energies and are replaced by a natural process. During the renewal,…

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Pell Grant Changes

President Obama came into office with about 6.1 million students receiving the Pell Grant, with a total annual disbursement of roughly $18 billion. In the intervening years, the maximum annual grant amount has gradually increased, and eligibility requirements have tightened. Discussions have remained focused on maintaining the core program objectives…

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Grants To Pay For College

As the cost of education rises, college students increasingly rely on financial aid in the form of loans. While loans help students pay for college, those students are consequently already in debt upon graduation. One way to avoid, or lessen the debt, is to seek out college grants. Grants are…

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Grants Available To Women

Grants available to women are generally divided into two categories: public or private. Public grants are government backed and funded. For this reason, these grants are usually open to a broad spectrum of projects and applicants, often with relatively large awards. Conversely, private grant funding is offered by an individual…

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New Disaster Recovery Plan For Mississippi

A new disaster recovery plan was announced Monday by Governor Haley Barbour and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan for Mississippians still struggling from the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. The $132 million in federal funding will be directed towards housing repair and recovery in southern Mississippi. After five…

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Education Grants Hit Billions

Nineteen states are competing for a Race to the Top – the 10-15 winners will split $3.4 billion in education grants. Some call it the “quiet revolution” in education. Obama’s newest project will fund improvements to education and support more autonomous charter schools. The 19 finalists compete for the $3.4…

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Green Grants To Fund Green Initiatives

The Obama administration allotted a $2.4 billion stimulus to the auto industry. The stimulus is meant to encourage the production of electric batteries for “green” cars. The first recipient is a factory in the Midwest that will receive $151 million to begin production on electric batteries for auto manufacturers such…

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Grants: Is This Taxable Income?

While grants are a great source of additional income for deserving individuals and businesses, it is important to realize that by and large these are in fact taxable money donations. This means that individuals and businesses and organizations receiving a grant, unless covered under the limited exceptions listed by the…

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HUD Grants

Affordable housing specifically for seniors and persons with disabilities will also finally see an increase in grant funding. This year with the HUD is directing more than $700 million to help these persons find adequate living accommodations.

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Law Grants

Law grants are free money gifts that enable these students to complete their law studies while not accumulating the debt load associated with student loans.

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