Green Grants To Fund Green Initiatives

The Obama administration allotted a $2.4 billion stimulus to the auto industry. The stimulus is meant to encourage the production of electric batteries for “green” cars.

The first recipient is a factory in the Midwest that will receive $151 million to begin production on electric batteries for auto manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford and Chevrolet, the president said last week. White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer openly criticized the Republican opposition.

“None of this would have been possible without the Recovery Act,” Pfeiffer said. “If [the Republicans] had their way, we would not be breaking ground. These industries would not be created here,” he said.

Republicans are calling the Democrats stimulus efforts a “job-killing spree,” noting that the unemployment rate has climbed by 2 per cent since Obama’s inauguration. However, President Obama hopes to create over 300 jobs in the receiving factory alone. Once the presence of electric cars increases on the market, more jobs will open up to meet the demand.

An administration report revealed last week that over 3 million jobs have been “saved or created” by the stimulus, so far.

How You Can Get A Green Grant

Green grants from the government are the best way to fund any environmentally friendly changes to your home or car that you need . Currently, if you retro-fit your home to be “green” you can apply for a green grant to fund it. Some appliances offer rebates if you buy “green” ones.

As the government continues with its stimulus plan, the available green grants will increase, playing a significant part of the government’s expenditures and maximize the number of Americans they can assist.

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