Education Grants Hit Billions

Nineteen states are competing for a Race to the Top – the 10-15 winners will split $3.4 billion in education grants.

Some call it the “quiet revolution” in education. Obama’s newest project will fund improvements to education and support more autonomous charter schools. The 19 finalists compete for the $3.4 billion leftover in education grants, after $600 million was allotted to Delaware and Tennessee already.

The money will be put to cover adoption standards and assessments, improving low-performing schools, creating teaching jobs and building better data systems, Reuters reports. The 19 states elected to compete as finalists will be narrowed down to 10-15 states, depending on the size of the winners.

The money should be allotted to the winners in September of 2010. Among the finalists are Ohio and Maryland, who are two of the top contenders. Other financially struggling states in the competition include California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

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