Medical Research Grants And Scholarships

Physicians and medical researchers rely on grants to fund projects that are important for the public’s well being. These grants are funded by government programs, private businesses, and not-for-profit organizations with the interest in advancing medical science.  Medical research grants and scholarships are highly competitive, but give great opportunity to individuals and organizations to realize projects that are too costly to fund on their own. If you are a looking to get a medical research grant or scholarship take time to research grant funds to find the one best suited to your cause.  Below are some grant and scholarship sources that will provide a good start.

There are so many government grants and scholarships to help fund medical research efforts.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) is the primary federal agency responsible for conducting and supporting medical research, distributing 80% of its funding in research grants. This agency is composed of 27 Institutes and Centers, all of which offer specialized grants and scholarships.  While any grant money is better than none, some of these centers provide more lucrative grants and scholarships than others. There are relatively high level grants funded by the federal Centers for Research and Demonstration for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.  This medical research grant awards $25,000in grants to the elected recipients.  Eligible recipients include states; public non-profit institution/organization; specialized group (e.g. health professionals, students, veterans); and private non-profit institution/organization.  Applicants should have focus on health; prevention and control, program development or specialized health research and training.

And if you are looking to do clinical research studies there are also government grants for you. The Division of Clinical Research makes it possible to apply knowledge gained through basic research to the development of lifesaving drugs, devices, and therapies that protect the health of our nation’s citizens by providing research infrastructure for clinical investigators.   Areas of study in order to receive this health grant money include facility planning and construction; general health research; and disease prevention and control.

Another good private grant foundation is Pfizer Inc. This company is focused on advancing medical research, inspiring innovative studies, promote health literacy, lessen health disparities, and of course improve health policies and overall public health.  If you plan to contribute to one of these areas then this grant could be for you.  Pfizer offers approximately 15 Medical & Academic Partnerships (MAP) grants and awards. These grants and money awards provide financial aid for fellows, scholars and host institutions.  Since its inception in 1984, Pfizer has sponsored more than 1000 MAP grants, supporting innovative research and enhancing education for scholars and institutions across the United States.

And if you are looking for funding you should not rule out non-profit organization that supply medical research grant.  A popular one is the non-profit Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  AAMC is an association of medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies which seek to improve the nation’s health by enhancing the effectiveness of academic medicine. AAMC focuses on medical education, medical research, and patient care in academic settings.

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