Medical Bills Payment Assistance

Medical procedures, doctor appointments, and hospital stays can be very expensive-especially when you don’t have the proper health insurance.  That is why there is medical bills payment assistance to give financial aid to Americans who can’t cover the cost of their medical bills on their own.

This payment assistance service is available through the United States Federal Government or through private grant foundations.  And the grant money is dedicated to help cover the costs of medical treatment, hospital bills, pharmaceutical needs, and many other health services that you may need.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is one of many places to turn to for financial aid in covering medical costs.  The HHS is a large federal bureau that provides medical bills payment assistance.  In fact, this is where almost all government grant funding goes to cover health needs.  The HHS has over 300 grant programs and awards approximately 75,000 grants annually; A substantial amount of which are awarded to successful individual grant applications to cover medical expenses. Some of the main areas of funding include:

  • Temporary assistance to needy families covering various medical costs
  • Financial support to elderly people to cover meals-on-wheels, transportation, at-home services, and other associated costs.
  • Funding to cover Medicare and Medicaid costs for elderly, indigenous populations, and low-income families.

In terms of private foundations, there is much help to be found for paying those costly medical bills.  Of particular mention is the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation which deals strictly with medical costs for individuals undergoing cancer treatment.  Cancer is one of the largest illnesses inflicting American citizens.  This foundation has over 60 years of providing medical bills payment assistance to these cancer patients to cover their hospital and home expense while undergoing treatment.

And another private charity that provides financial aid to only cancer patients is the renowned Lance Armstrong Foundation. It offers payment assistance for individuals who cannot afford to pay for the healthcare services they require for health and recovery from the disease.

And there are always private foundations located in your state looking to help local citizens cover their medical costs.  For example, if you happen to live in western Pennsylvania then the Addison H. Gibson Foundation could be the financial assistance you need to cover your medical bills and not go into debt.  This foundation gives grants to cover medical related costs, but to be eligible applicants must be referred to the charity by their attending physician or social service; have a condition that can be corrected; and apply before receiving prescribed treatment/care.  So check your local foundations and you will be presently surprised that there are local foundations wanting to give you payment assistance for your medical bills.

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