Grants From The Foundation For Blended And Online Learning

Every year, the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning Teacher Grant Program rewards and recognizes any educators who have demonstrated a level of excellence in both blended and online learning settings. The specific 2016 grants that are available help to support blended as well as online learning initiatives in areas like literacy intervention, remedial math, special education, and ELL. These grants are available for up to an amount of $10,000, and can be applied for by visiting http://www.blendedandonlinelearning.org/grant-program/ and then reading all instructions and following the included link to apply.


National Edcucation Association's Learning And Leadership Grants

The National Education Association provides a variety of Learning and Leadership grants in order to support people as well as groups of teacher educators while they pursue their own professional development. These grants can in fact be used for high-quality professional development, such as for conferences or summer institutes, or they can even be used for collegial study, such as lesson plan development or mentoring. These grants are available for individual people up to a total of $2,000 or for groups at a total amount of up to $5,000. You can apply for this by visiting http://www.neafoundation.org/pages/learning-leadership-grants/ and then noting all application instructions and applying as normal.


Teen Read Week Activities Grants

If you have an idea to promote reading among ESL teens, the Young Adult Library Services Association has a grant that might be the right fit for you. The association is providing grants to any libraries for innovative reading programs that are aimed at the nation’s young who don’t speak English at home, but instead speak English as a second language and use a separate language at home. Activities and programs that you might flagship should ultimately line up with this year’s theme of October Teen Read Week. The activities should also somehow incorporate the Young Adult Library Services Association’s practices that have been set up for teaching literacy to kids. Ten $1,000 grants are in fact available for this grant, and you can apply by visiting http://teenreadweek.ning.com/page/trw-activity-grant and following all instructions that you find there.


Middle School Science School Lab Makeover Challenge

This is an attractive grant option that actually has five awards of up to a total of $100,000. From the Northrop Grumman Foundation, the Fab School Labs grant program now offers awards to support the makeovers of science labs in public middle schools throughout the country. In order to participate in this program, teacher educators must develop a plan for the makeover of their school as well as make a video of the spaces that they currently have. Submissions of course need to demonstrate a level of need, as well as something that shows what exactly makes their school unique. They should also demonstrate the overall impact a makeover would make for their lab. You can apply for this by visiting http://www.fabschoollabs.com/ and navigating to their section on this makeover challenge.


Earthwatch Institute's Teach Earth Teacher Fellowships

The Teach Earth program is actually an expeditionary and travel program that’s set up for teacher educators here in the States. Every year, the Earthwatch Institute will choose a number of teachers who teach in a wide variety of subjects to work alongside scientists in the areas of field research expeditions, and this is done all over the world. The program’s actually open to all teacher educators, even those who don’t have any particular scientific background of study. The bonus here is that funding for travel as well as lodging is already included in the grant. This particular grant can be applied for by visiting http://earthwatch.org/education/teacher-fellowships/teach-earth-united-states and following all procedures for applying, in order to be considered for this helpful grant.

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