Advanced Search for Business Grants 2014

If you haven’t already done so, visit grants.gov to discover some helpful grant opportunities that you may be unaware of. Simply click on the link ‘Grant Search’ under the section labeled ‘FOR APPLICANTS’. Once you reach the search page, just click the tab or link labeled ‘Advanced Search’ for more detailed results.


Eligibility Search

On the Advanced Search page, look for the ‘Open Opportunities’ box and check it to view which grants are currently offered. You can also check the ‘Archived’ and ‘Closed’ boxes, if you have any interest in viewing older grant programs.

Next, scroll down to the box labeled ‘Search by Eligibility’ and choose every business-associated option. After clicking the first option, simply hold down Ctrl (control key) while making other selections if you like, so all your choices will remain highlighted.

The categories that are closely related to small business grant programs include:

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Others
  • Profit organizations besides small businesses
  • Unrestricted (open to virtually any kind of entity)

Each of these specific options should be highlighted as you choose them. Also, if there any other categories that correlate to your unique circumstances (for instance, you belong to a Native American tribe), select those key choices as well.


Get Ready to Read Lengthy Material

While not every program is geared towards an actual business start-up, there are certain grant programs that will let a business form with the intent of simply applying for a grant.

Look over the grant opportunities in order to find relevant programs that appear to be a good fit with your particular skills and experience that your business can bring to the table. For example, there’s a grant program to launch a ‘Business Enterprise Center’ to help other small businesses. If both you and your start-up can qualify for this kind of undertaking, then certainly go ahead and submit an application to see if you can obtain the grant.


Remember the State Sources

The U.S. government isn’t the only source small businesses can tap into for free money. Each state also carries their own set of funding opportunities. Perform a quick search in Google with the name of your state in addition to the term ‘small business grants’. Chances are you’ll end up at the Small Businesses Division or Commerce Department relative to your state, where you’ll discover a wealth of information on various grants, loans, and wide-ranging assistant programs regarding small businesses.

Last Word on Government Grants

Due to the billions of dollars in new funds, courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or stimulus funds, several federal agencies listed on grants.gov are simply there as a reference, not as an actual grant application. Therefore, make sure you follow the directions carefully before applying.

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