Design A Business Plan

The first step in applying for 2016 business grants is to design a business plan. All grants require it. The plan should not be lengthy. Investors should be able to scan it. It needs to be straightforward and understandable. Include the amount of financing the business will need.

Insert a summary page. Briefly, sum up your entire plan of activities on this page. It will be much shorter than the actual plan. This area should not contain any details. It should be a brief overview of the entire scheme.

When choosing a government grant, it is wise to have it is closely related to the type of business that you are starting. The grant should also match the size of the company.


Determine Your Status

The government will ask if you are male, female, physically challenged, or a military veteran. There are grants available based on these categories. It is best to take advantage of these types of gifts. The application process will be much faster.


Register As A Grant Applicant

The next phase in the process of getting a grant is to register with the federal government as a grant applicant. You can pre-register at Grants.gov. Follow the instructions under “Get Registered.” The waiting period is about a few weeks after you have registered to get approved. The agency will mail out a username and password so that you can gain access to the grant application system. The state agency issuing the award will have further instructions.


Read, Note, And Print Instructions

Once you access the grant application system at Grants.gov, read the instructions under “Apply for Grants.” Make a note of the Grant Synopsis and keep the following information handy: Funding opportunity number, the title, and the administering agency’s contact information. Download the application and follow the instructions. The packet will specify all the required forms needed.


Write Grant Proposal

It is required to write a grant proposal to include with the application. It will tell how the business will achieve its goals based on the subsidy received. For example, if applying for an environment conservation grant, you will have to show how you would go about conserving the environment. Attach the business plan from step one to the proposal.


Fill Out Optional Forms

The application comes with optional forms. Fill out those forms. Complete the survey attached. Some of the information may help to increase the grant.



Review all the information on the application to make sure there are no errors that would cause a delay in processing. The agency should have mailed out a username and password. You will need them to gain access to the website. The application will include where to submit the proposal.


Save Application Tracking Number

After you have submitted your application, you will get an email from Grants.gov with an application tracking number. It will confirm the upload of your grant application. You will also get an administrative contact.

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