Small Business Grants

Small business grants from the government provide financial assistance to people seeking to start or maintain a small business, and the money that is offered never has to be paid back.

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Non Profit Grants

The employment sector is one of the most affected areas because companies have been forced to trim their employee headcount in order to stay operational. That’s where nonprofit grants from the government and other private organizations can be beneficial.

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Foundation Grants

Non-profit organizations have budgets and costs that exceed such budgets become a financial burden. Yet before an organization refuses a client, they will seek out funds from grants.

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Business Grants

Starting, expanding or acquiring a business can be a costly endeavor.  Business owners need to invest money in order to earn money, but the start-up capital is not always readily available. And while a business loan is always an option, they include high interest rates and worse yet, you have…

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Business Acquisition Grants

If you are a small business or large business owner looking to expand your business by purchasing another existing company, you are likely eligible for a business acquisition grant. These grants are designed to help current business owners take their business to the next level. The government provides this assistance…

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Business Growth Grants

In times of financial hardship the last thing the federal government wants to see are businesses failing.  Companies that are downsizing or folding under translate into job loss, decreased consumer spending and inevitably a deteriorating economy.  So what better way to give the nation a financial boost than to invest…

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Business Start Up Grants

Starting a business can be very expensive, and raising money can be both time consuming and difficult depending on the funds required. That is why the US government sets aside millions of dollars every year for business start up grants that help prospective companies just like yours get on their…

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