Decide on a Type of Grant

The first step in the process of applying for 2015 education grants is deciding which grant types fit. Grants are available to people who fall into certain categories. The categories that qualify a person for educational assistance might be annual income, gender, business class, interest, purpose and so forth. The applicant will want to write down factors that may deem him or her eligible for assistance in some class. Some grants are available for minority persons, and other grants are available to people who earn an income that is below the poverty level. The list that the person creates will help him or her to zone in the perfect grants for educational needs.


Conduct an Online Search

The next step in the process of applying for education grants 2015 is conducting an online search. Many sources are available for obtaining a grant to enhance one’s education. An interested person can visit a major search engine and type the words “educational grants” to find a list of sources that provide educational grants. The government is the best source for grants, however. An example of a government issued grant is the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant provides recipients with a maximum reward of up to $5,400 to go to a school that accepts government assistance. To obtain a Pell Grant the applicant will want to apply through the government’s Free Application for Student Aid. The FAFSA application take about 10 minutes to complete, and it provides the school of choice with an answer to the student’s eligibility within 48 hours.

Several other sites will lead a prospective student to a grant that may be available from a non-government entity. An example of such a site is collegescholarships.org. The site provides a list of grants and loans that entities provide to help people to obtain the training they need.


Complete an Application

No matter which type of grant the person wants to apply for, he or she will have to complete an application to qualify. The person will have to gather certain information so that the issuing entity can process the application. The person will want to have an income tax statement from the previous year available so that the issuing entity can review income qualifications. The individual will want to gather social security numbers and the codes for any school that he or she wants to add to the financial assistance application.

The return time on the FAFSA application is fast, whereas a different application may have a longer processing period. Nonetheless, a student will have an opportunity to obtain a grant for education that he or she does not have to repay.

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