Research Available Environmental Grants for 2015

The most important step is to spend time researching available environmental grants at the state, federal, industrial or organizational level. For example, if the environmental grant involves providing school children with a program that teaches students how to reduce their carbon footprint, check with the US EPA, US Dept. of Education on the federal level or State Dept. of Education to learn which environmental grants cover costs involved in implementing this type of program.

There are also many commercial and industrial companies that offer environmental grants, like Wells Fargo in concert with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s “Environmental Community Solutions.”

There is approximately $2,500,000 in grant funding available for upgrading local community programs linked to business and residential water conservation, restoration of natural habits, facilitation of investments in green construction, energy and infrastructure. This grant is open to all states; although, in certain states the grants are limited to specific cities, while others may be statewide. To check on the availability of this particular environmental grant, visit http://www.nfwf.org/environmentalsolutions/Pages/2015rfp.aspx#.VTFnf9zF_6c


Prepare Grant Documentation

Today, 2015 environmental grants, such as the EPA’s “Environmental Justice Small Grants Program” (EJSG) focus on preparing eligibility verification and financial aid to communities focus on climate resiliency. Complete the threshold eligibility form online at www.grants.gov. Other documents required to apply government grants can also be found at this website. In addition to submit 2015 environmental grants for EJSG, the following documents are required in addition to the threshold eligibility form:

  • Key Contacts List EPA Form 5700-54 (Appendix C)
  • Work plan (Optional template in Appendix D)
  • Detailed Budget (Appendices E and F)
  • SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance (Appendix B)
  • Project Performance Measures (Appendices G & H)
  • Resumes of the project manager (PM) and other key personne

Verify Documentation and Substantiate Grant Need

After submitting the formal documentation, it may be necessary to provide additional verification of the basis of the request for financial aid. For example, many businesses applying for a 2015 environmental grant or government grant find it helpful to provide additional supporting documentation regarding the financial status of the business or organization. This can be in the form of a formal annual report or IRS tax reporting forms.

In step three, forge a link between the recipients of the grant funding. For example, a business that intends to work with other businesses in a community environmental program should be able to create a solid relationship with all parties involved in funding environmental projects. It’s important to note that businesses and organizations request environmental grants in addition to contributions of funds for environmental projects.

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