Get In Touch With Your Local HUD Office

The first step to receive a grant would be to apply for one via your local HUD office, or online at www.hud.gov. If you cannot find the local HUD office via the internet, then look them up in your local phone book. Once you have contacted them, you will need to set up a time in which you can go fill out an application for a housing grant. If available, you can fill an application out online to the same effect.


Choose The Grant That You Wish To Apply For

Whenever it comes time to fill out the paperwork and choose whichever grant that you feel will suit you best in what you do, be sure to do your proper research and check out which grant will benefit you the most. This will allow you to receive the highest benefit of house assistance if you are approved for the grant. Whenever you have chosen the housing grant that you feel fits you best, make a note of the FON number that comes with the grant to use for reference at a later time.


Set Up An Appointment With A Grant Advisor

Whenever you finish the selecting and application process, it is then time to schedule time with a grant advisor. A grant advisor will have the ability to help you with a more in-depth look at what is required to be able to get the grant you need, what the next step is available and how to proceed forward with the process. Whether you are applying online or via paper application, the grant advisor will be the one to assist you from here on out. The grant advisor will be the one who stays in constant contact with you during the rest of the process to inform you whether or not you have been approved for the grant, denied or what to do next to receive the grant and apply it to your household.

Qualify For Your Free Grant

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