Obtain the Application

Application packages can be downloaded using the Download a Grant Application Package link at www.grants.gov. If grant seekers need help with this, additional instructions can be found in the Applicant User Guide. Application packages can be accessed by either the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or CFDA number or the Funding Opportunity Number.


Complete the Application

Once the package is downloaded, applicants will need to be careful and be sure that they completely fill out the package. It will be necessary to save the application frequently as the site does not automatically save additions and changes. This will be the longest and most tedious step in the application process but care should be taken at this step. A complete and meticulous application will improve the likelihood that a grant will be made.


Submit the Application

Now applicants should be ready to submit the grant application. However, before doing so, some proofreading is in order. By proofreading the application, potential home buyers can make sure that the application is complete and that they did not leave anything out. They also need to be sure that what they included is accurate. Once they are sure that both conditions are met, they are ready to save and submit the application.


Monitor the Application

At this point, it might be tempting to sit back and wait for a response. Applicants should instead monitor their application. Once the application goes to the sponsoring agency, tracking will not be available. But, until it does, applicants will be able to see where their application is in the www.grants.gov process. The two status remarks applicants want to see are Received by Agency and Agency Tracking Number Assigned. Going forward, applicants will know that they need to follow up with the agency that actually funds the grant.

Some potential home buyers may not want to spend the time to go through the grant process. Others may complete the process in a haphazard manner. Even for those that take care in completing all of the steps, there is no guarantee that the process will result in a grant. However, by following the steps noted above, potential home buyers will increase the likelihood that they will be able to obtain housing grants that will make it possible for them to recognize part of the American Dream. With housing grants 2015 could be their year.

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