Check With Your Lender

Often times, the mortgage lender has an updated list of 2016 housing grants that they can offer to you. This can allow them to offer the perfect government grant to you based on your occupation, income status, or needs. Because you are using your lender to help you, they have all of your personal information needed to complete the application. All you need to do it sign for the grant.


Look For Housing Grants Online

If your lender does not have any ideas for grants that you can apply for, check the government websites that contain information on housing grants. There are several websites that list the grants and what company is offering them. There is an open and closing date, in which the grant needs to be completed by, which will allow you to know exactly how much time you have to gather and complete the application. If the closing date has passed, look farther down the list. There are grants that are ending nearly every month in 2016. Often times, the grant will ask for your personal information, including helpful hints and the amount of the grant being given.

For this step, if you do not have access to a computer, your local library will allow you access by the hour. They will also print out your applications for a small fee, which is usually ten to fifteen cents per page. They have copiers that you can use to copy your documents. It is also a small fee to do that.


Print All Information And Application Forms

Print out all the information and application forms needed to finish the grant application. Fill it out and make copies of all the supporting documentation the grant company needs. Never send your original documents to the company because you will not get it back. You will want to choose more than one grant. Choosing four or five is wise because you will have the opportunity to be awarded more funds if you spread your applications around to different companies.


Follow Up

Follow up with your application. Mark the closing date on your calendar and keep in touch with the companies that are offering the grants. When it is awarded, make certain to apply the money to the down payment of your mortgage and enjoy your new home. Keep the award notice so that you can support your claim of a down payment with your lender when you close on your mortgage.

On your quest to obtain a grant, remember to ask your lender first. Then, check the various grant websites. Print out and complete all the applications then add your supporting documents to the applications and mail it in. When your grant is awarded, save the award notice and enjoy your new home.

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