Contact a Medical Grant Center

In addition to contacting your local area social services office, try to get in touch with a government grant authority such as Grants.gov or FederalGrantsWire.com. Contact them by phone or through their user-friendly websites in order to view a vast list of available medical grants regarding individuals as well as nonprofit agencies that are looking to offer key medical services. Here you will find the necessary applications for the particular grant that can accommodate your overall needs.


Confirm Your Eligibility

Don’t waste your time filling out grant applications that are only provided to certain organizations or special interest group members that you’re not affiliated with. Once you’ve combed through all the medical related grant listings and checked off the ones that apply to your unique situation, you’ll need to verify your eligibility by directly contacting the organization. Usually, all the necessary information is posted on the listing including application deadlines and the award process in addition to eligibility.


Fill Out the Medical Grant Application

Fill out and sign your application. Based on the specific grant and eligibility requirements, you may need to provide your past medical records along with your tax return from the previous year in order to prove that you can meet all the requirements.


Submit Your Information to the Grant Provider

You can choose to email, mail, or fax all your information to the appropriate grant provider. Overall, this is mostly based on what the grant provider specifically requests from you relative to their listing. It’s crucial to thoroughly read and review the information in order to ensure it’s as accurate as possible and then get it submitted before the actual deadline.

Medical grants are intended to help people who can’t afford to pay the extreme cost of medical health care. While not everyone will qualify, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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