Register And Get Ready

The registration bit is the most crucial step in any grant application. It is wise you provide consistent and complete information. The process of registration may take up to a week to complete. However, if there are some challenges, it can even last a month or longer. It is impossible to submit a government grants application if you have not registered. Therefore, it is wise you begin your registration early.


Find And Submit

Once you have registered, find open 2016 medical grants opportunities. When looking for specific opportunities, consider searching using their opportunity numbers. Download the application and instructions and you will come across everything required to complete the entire application. This includes all the necessary forms. Consider saving the package so that you can fill it offline.


Filling The Application

The application includes certifications, assurances and forms. Once you have completed the application, save it on your computer. Remember to click on the button “Check for Errors” to activate and validate your application and click on the button “Save and Submit”. You should only do this after double checking your whole application for completeness and accuracy.


Write A Compelling Application

Applications are normally scored and rated by independent teams drawn from relevant medical disciplines. Therefore, you should ensure that you write an application that will guarantee you the opportunity. You should be concise with your application and it should not be more than 80 pages. Ensure that you are precise when describing your goals and objectives, resources and capabilities, response and impact, not forgetting the budget.

Your grant submission is final so you cannot afford to submit an unedited proposal. Note that, it is almost impossible to edit your application after submission. Therefore, make sure that you go through it thoroughly and make any necessary edits. Go through your proposal spellings, adhere to page limits, correct calculations and double check your fonts. Additionally, avoid a last minute submission because late submissions are unacceptable.

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