Senior Support Assistance Grants

Senior citizens account for a large portion of the US population.  These elderly citizens who are on fixed incomes can often use a little extra help to see their pensions stretch a bit further.  Thus the United States government, alongside non-profit or private foundations, provides Senior Support Assistance Grants to help seniors meet their different needs such as transportation, education, health, housing, and safety.   Some of these programs are listed below:

The Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities is perhaps the most widely used of these programs.  As individuals get older driving is sometimes no longer an option.  This grant program acknowledges the difficulty that seniors have with getting around and consequently provides financial assistance to them so that their transportation needs can be addressed.   And it doesn’t matter where they live: Urban, small urban or rural areas are covered by this grant.

And while transportation is important; so is having a roof over your head.  That is why there is the Mortgage Insurance Rental Housing for the Elderly.  This grant program aims to provide good quality rental housing for the elderly.   The grant money is given to the rental housing company to subsidize the cost of the lodging; thus giving seniors comfortable, quality housing at a lesser cost.

And for seniors that are fortunate enough to own their own home, where they live comfortably retired; they too have assistance programs to help with their home expenses. These are Property Tax exemptions and deferrals.  The Property Tax Exemption Program is for senior citizens and disabled people.  Not all seniors qualify for this exemption, as eligibility is based on the household income as well as age.  But once qualified this exemption dramatically reduces the recipient’s property tax payments.  And with the Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral Program qualified senior citizens are allowed to defer part or all of the property taxes on their personal residence. It’s a form of a loan with a six percent interest rate which is to be repaid after the taxpayer’s death or at the time the property is sold.

Another group of senior support assistance grants is for aging individuals that are in need of work, but are no longer able to find it.  The Senior Community Service Employment Program promotes and provides part-time job opportunities for unemployed or low-income elderly (from ages 55 years old and above).

And just like any grant application, organizations or individuals who are interested in applying for an assistance grant should write a proposal stating the reasons why financial aid is needed and, where necessary, how the community or other people may benefit from the project.

Also, do not hesitate to seek professional help in finding your grant and completing the grant application process.  Slight errors in your application can mean unnecessary delays or even grant denials.  Instead of taking the risk, consider professional, inexpensive help that will have your grant money in your hands in no time at all.

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