Grants Available To Women

Grants available to women are generally divided into two categories: public or private. Public grants are government backed and funded. For this reason, these grants are usually open to a broad spectrum of projects and applicants, often with relatively large awards. Conversely, private grant funding is offered by an individual…

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Green Grants To Fund Green Initiatives

The Obama administration allotted a $2.4 billion stimulus to the auto industry. The stimulus is meant to encourage the production of electric batteries for “green” cars. The first recipient is a factory in the Midwest that will receive $151 million to begin production on electric batteries for auto manufacturers such…

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Grants: Is This Taxable Income?

While grants are a great source of additional income for deserving individuals and businesses, it is important to realize that by and large these are in fact taxable money donations. This means that individuals and businesses and organizations receiving a grant, unless covered under the limited exceptions listed by the…

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Low Income Grants

Low income grants are available to help pay rent, bills and other necessary expenses. You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer.

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What Are Women Grants?

Women grants are a form of federal grants specifically allocated for females. A federal grant is a financial assistance awarded to a recipient by a federal agency to carry out service for a social cause or for the betterment of society.

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Minority Grants

Thanks to President Barack Obama, minority groups in the U.S. are receiving equal opportunities in America’s post secondary education system.

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Personal Grants

Personal grants are available for a wide variety of personal financial needs. Whether you need help funding the needs of your children, relieving your debt or covering general living expenses, you could qualify for a personal government grant. Personal grants are a great way to help you manage any unexpected…

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