Travel Education Grants

Have you always wanted to study in another country or conduct graduate research abroad, but just can’t afford it? Well a travel education grant is likely just what you need. Travel education grants are not just for scholars, they are open to any students who want to apply.

Travel education grants are the best way to fund student travel. The money awarded can be used to pay the costs of transportation and lodging, as well as equip you with any other essential tools to make your trip a success. If you are a high school student, undergraduate or even graduate student there is money available for you to study or research in the exterior. Take advantage of this great opportunity to explore and enjoy the uniqueness of another culture. Below are additional details about the travel education grants and where you can find them.

Study Abroad Travel Education Grants

Study abroad travel education grants are money awards that allow students to visit another country and learn about their language and culture. For students pursuing this experience there are two notable federal government grants available: the National Security Education Program (NESP) and the Fulbright Program.

NSEP targets undergraduate and graduate university students subsidizing the cost of going abroad to a critical country to study its language and culture. For a list of countries listed as critical, you should visit the official government grants website at There are five different travel grants available through this program, all with varying criteria.

The Fulbright Program is a federally funded exchange program for students studying outside of the US. Participants are chosen based on academics and leadership skills, and are awarded a grant base on their unique program costs.

Then there are also a number of private corporations, organizations and foundations that award travel education grants for students to study abroad. For example, the Coca-Cola Foundation, Amoco, Chrysler Corporation, etc., have given funds for overseas study.

Research Travel Education Grants

There are also research travel grants that help students and professional researchers pay for research projects that are too costly to fund on their own. Travel grants are given to conduct on site research, as well as to attend conferences that help advance research activities. Research travel education grants can usually be used to pay the expenses from transportation, accommodation and eating, too.

Research travel grants can be applied for through your university. Simply contact your program department and they will be able to give you details about upcoming research travel education grants and how to apply. Most will require that you submit a detailed proposal and upon its successful review grant money will be awarded based on your research objectives and financial need.

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