Research Grants

Post graduate research is both time consuming and costly, but is a necessary requirement for getting a Masters and/or PHD. Luckily there are lots of funding opportunities for graduate students to conduct their research whether it be here in the US or abroad.

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Low Income Grants

Low income grants are available to help pay rent, bills and other necessary expenses. You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer.

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Travel Education Grants

Have you always wanted to study in another country or conduct graduate research abroad, but just can’t afford it? Travel education grants are not just for scholars, they are open to any students who want to apply.

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Education Grants For Women

While there are lots of women who go to university, females are still largely underrepresented in many of the traditionally male-dominated career paths. Thus, to help bridge this gender gap, the government, alongside private organizations, is offering education grants for women employed in career fields that need increased female participation.…

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Medical Grants For HIV/AIDS Care And Research

the government, alongside private foundations, is stepping in with medical grants for people with HIV/AIDS whose medical coverage just isn’t enough to cover the care that they need, as well as for researchers looking for innovative ways to treat and cure the disease.

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Apply For A Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant Program assists college students by providing need based grants to students who come from low income backgrounds. There are approximately 5,400 universities and colleges that participate in the Pell Grant Program.

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Apply For Government Grants

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What Are Women Grants?

Women grants are a form of federal grants specifically allocated for females. A federal grant is a financial assistance awarded to a recipient by a federal agency to carry out service for a social cause or for the betterment of society.

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The Most Common University Grants

There are some grants funded by the federal government that are considered to be university grants because they apply only to the college or university that has received the funding.

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A Look At Military Student Grants

Student grants are essential for students enrolled in a college or university. There are very few who can afford the costs of their college education with their personal finances.

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